Sunday, April 26, 2009

German GQ May 2009

Brian Keith is a young talented photographer that Ive work with before a while ago. We kinda lost contact for a little bit but reconnected recently via facebook. We have tested a few times in the past , but I never had any of his work in my book.

A lot of times in this business,you might have a conversation with a photographer,or a stylist ,that sounds something like this . "Hey ,whats up? We should do something.'' Yeah lets do something. cool ." But then nothing ever happens. It might be because its difficult to organize your time, or it may be someone feeding you BS. But in any case you somehow become immune to it, because of how frequent you hear the same script.

One day via facebook chat Brian and I had that very conversation. I said "Brian lets shoot" And he replied " Yeah lets so something" I assumed the conversation would end as it often does on the script, But he followed with " How about this Sunday."I stuck to the script with a reply . "cool"

Sunday was getting closer and Brian asked me if I knew a make up artists. I suggested my friend Tommy Joiner who is with my agency and I work with often. He does really beautiful makeup and I knew Brian would like his work.

Some of you know that I also do makeup. But sometimes I prefer to do one or the other when I'm working on a editorial.

Sunday comes and we shoot 2 girls .Nell from Next and Tarassa from Trump. Brian wanted the girls to look fresh and undone and sexy. So Tommy did his thing and I did mine. We shot all day never knowing what might actually get published.

Shortly after the shoot Brian informed me that Both Italian GQ and German GQ where going to run the pictures. One magazine chose Nell and the other Tarassa. It wasn't long after the 1st good news, that Brian informed us that we also got the cover. I just saw the pictues of the German GQ and now you also get a preview. enjoy.
Italian GQ comming soon.

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