Friday, June 19, 2009

Get the Look. "Lip Statement"

Hopefully you have been following my blog and have already seen the first 2 videos I did for and Maybelline New York. This is the 3rd one that just went up on Modelinia's website. Its a cool site for you fashionistas so check them out.Enjoy

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's in my kit?

People always want to know what I use for products, extensions, and tools. In this installment of “Hair’ssss Johnny”. I’m going to divulge some of my secret weapons. I don’t need any disgruntle hairstylist contacting me saying “I used the hairspray that you said you use, and it didn’t work for me” Please remember it’s not the tools or products, but it’s how you use them.

Product List: Here are some of my favorite hair products that I turn to get the job done. Some are expensive pro brands and others you can get at a drug store.

For Volume: Phyto Volume Actif, Profound Beauty Volume Spray, Tresseme 24 hour Body Root Lift, and Garnier XXL Volume.

Hair Spray: Kerastase Double Force, Goldwell Big Finish, Orlando Pita for T3 Control Spray.

Pomades and other stuff: Moroccan Oil, Mazani Curl Wax, T3 Hair Polish, Phyto Shine Cream, Karastase smoothing serum. Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech, Kiwi Manipulating Wax, Tresseme Frizz Cream.

Tool List: What I use for heat tools.

Dryer: T3 Evolution Flat Iron: T3 Wet to Dry

Curling Irons: I mainly use Hot Tools Marcel Irons in every size

Wave Iron: R-Session Tools double barrel iron

Hot Rollers: Conair Velvet hot rollers.

For Brushes: I have an assortment of round brushes in both boar bristle and metal core. I also like comb-out brushes and bone rat tail combs.

Hair : I have more wigs and hair then anyone would ever need. I have long, short, light and dark.In most cases I use clip in hair extension for advertising or catalogue shoots. I found that I can get away using the colors: 2, 4, 27, 4/30, 27/613 on almost everyone. If the color is not a perfect match it tends to give the natural hair more dimension.

And last but not least I have an array of hair pins, bobby pins, and elastics.My kit consist of a 26inch suitcase that holds everything perfect.

The list can go on and on, but I figured I would give someone just starting out the basics to get them going. As you grow as a stylist your kit will grow with you. Remember buying the best and most expensive products and tools are not going to magically make you a better hairdresser. I love to go into a CVS and buy new products that don’t cost a million bucks. Have fun and don’t be afraid of experimenting .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Makeup Show NYC 2009

I know I am a bit tardy with this blog but it’s for good reason.

Saturday night before the first day of The Makeup Show NYC, I was feeling a bit under the weather. I chalked it up to allergies seeing as it is that time of the year. Sunday came and I didn’t feel much better. Because I forgotten my allergy meds ,I assumed my fix would soon be in my system once I reached my NYC dwelling. I arrived the city and realize that my Claritin where nowhere to be found. I decided to tough it out for Monday . Monday morning arrived and in a sleep deprived daze I make my way to the Metropolitan Pavilion, the Makeup Show NYC‘s venue. I was scheduled to do a makeup workshop and was hoping I could pull it together.

As I checked into the front desk and picked up my (valid) name tag, I notice the place was already buzzing with excitement. It was couldn't’t wait to make the rounds and see what products I didn’t have, and to greet all my friends at the booths of the products I use and love.

One of the first people I see is Eve Pearl. She comes over to interview me on camera for her Youtube site. It’s a good thing too because now there is documented proof of my illness. Eve is a wonderful person and a talented makeup artist. She has won 5 Emmys for her skills and will let anyone who asks ,take a picture with one. She has her own product line and a beautiful store here in NYC, and is the author of the book”Plastic Surgery Without The Surgery”. She is one busy woman. .

My next stop is to see Debbie Bondar at Face Atelier. There are a few things I cannot go without in my kit and those are, Face Atelier foundation, Peach Glaze Blush and Face Finish. Making a stop at her booth is a must so I can stock up. Debbie has always been so generous to me and her products have become a staple in most of the kits of the makeup artist I know.

Every few steps, I run into people that I know and some that I don’t. I’m asked if it’s OK to have my picture taken with them and I with hesitation agree. Not because I’m a diva but because I looked and feel like crap due to the illness that has consuming my body for the last few days. Who wants to pictures all over the Internet looking a hot mess? Not me. Sure enough those unflattering pictures made it into cyberspace and FACEBOOK. Thanks guys . It’s great to meet the people behind the blogs that mention my name from time to time. So now it’s my turn. Shout out time. “What up Erin from Scandalous Beauty.” "Hi Dawn from Pursebuzz."

I make a pit stop at The Powder Group booth to set my kit aside and meet and greet all the new TPG interns. There I run into Yvette aka GirlcanPaint from Youtube. She had once asked me to give her a makeover. I setup my kit at the booth sit Yvette in a chair and decided to use my 9x9 collection that was displayed and for sale. As I transformed her eyes into what started to resemble a peacock feather I noticed that my workshop was in 15 min. So I quickly packed up and made my way to my classroom.

The room was filled to capacity with eager makeup artists wanting to watch me demonstrate the dos and don’ts of Bridal and Special event makeup. No matter how many times I teach this natural bridal makeup demo , the students always end up doing a Smokey eye during thier hands-on workshop. So I figured I might as well give them what they want and do my version of a wearable Smokey eye. They all seemed pleased and my hopes are they took something home with them that they can use. As the class ended so did my immune system.

I had a few minutes at the end of the day to make a quick run around. To some of my other favorites like: Makeup Forever, YoungBlood, Kissable Couture, OCC , MAC and Smashbox.

The show was so amazing. Its growth each year is a testament of our industry. In a time of economic hardship the attendance was the largest to date. The energy level was at an all time high and you could barely get people to leave. Many of the vendors I talk to sold out of merchandise and confessed that they had record breaking sales. The reviews are in from many of the Youtube makeup gurus and all give it a A+ . Thank you Michael Devellis and The Powder Group for bringing us together.

Even thought I was sick as a dog I was glad I could be a part of The Makeup Show. If you have never been to The Makeup Show I suggest you mark it on your calendar for next year. You should also check out the website to see if there is one comming close to you.

I'm still recovering from what ever I had and that’s my excuse for the lag in blog posts. Please check out all the links in this post to check out the sites of the people and products that I love.

Get the Look 2 Grey Luxe

This is the 2nd "Get the Look"video I did for and Maybelline New York. I hope you find it useful. Give it a try.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cupcakes ,Marly & Me

People who know me well know I have a fondness for all things sweet. Cupcakes have become a dangerous addiction of mine. I recently found this new little bakery in West Hartford called. "A Little Something" and they have the best cupcakes in town. The size of a cupcake is perfect for guilt free consumption. Yes,I know the calories are still there ,but who wants to think about that when your staring at the cream cheese frosting that adorns a red velvet cupcake. What exactly is a red velvet cupcake any how? Ive been trying to figure that out myself. Reading the ingredients don't help in solving the mystery of this blood red spongy pillow of sweet goodness. Chocolate , vinegar, sugar, it doesn't add up. All I know is that it taste great.

On a recent shoot a model named Amanda shared with me the cutest video ever of her son Marly. It was evidence that I'm not the only one that shares the same joy of one of the best confections ever created, the CUPCAKE! I only wish that I could publicly show the same emotion ,and celebrate the cupcake as little Marly deservedly displays in his cupcake dance. So the next time you find yourself in the presence of a bite size yumminess do as Marly would do "SING and DANCE for cupcakes

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sports Illustrated Glamazons

Getting to work on some of the most beautiful women in the world can my job pretty easy at times. How could you possibly screw up on those 5'10 genetic freaks? Ive worked with quite a few SI Swimsuit models. Selita Ebanks, Angie Everheart, Fernanda Motta, Ariel Merideth,Tori Paver,and Yasmine Brunet. In this video im getting Tori and Yasmin ready for the SI Press party . And below are a couple pictures of Fernanda Motta from the 2 years I did her hair and makeup for the same Party. What I love about Fernanda was she let me do what I wanted both times. She is so gorgeous it was fail proof. The first year I went fresh with the makeup and gave her hair more defined waves. The next year I decided to change things up. I went smoother with the hair and a bit more sexy with makeup. I think both looks fit her well.
Fernada is now the Host of Brazil's Next Top Model. And is With Next Models.

When I work with these Glamozons I cant help to laugh to myself thinking of all the guys that teased me at a young age for chasing my passion . I bet they wished the knew how to create supermodel waves now .

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blue Baiul

It was in 94. I sat in my living room glued to the TV watching the figure skating competition during the winter Olympics . I was anticipating the show down between Nancy and Tonya. My focus quickly turned from the 2 Americans to the little pixie from the Ukraine.

It seems like yesterday when that black swan took to the ice, and at the same time took the breath from my chest. I had never seen skating like that before. Where did the ballerina on skates come from? She not only captured the hearts of everyone watching (except for Nancy fans) with her skating, but she also had a heart breaking story of being a orphan. Seeing her win the gold was like a perfect ending to a Cinderella story.

She stood on the podium tears pouring down her face, doing what Oprah describes as the “Ugly Cry.” She held her gold metal up to the heavens so her proud Mother who was watching could boast of her talented daughter to all the other angels. It was a moment I will never forget.

As I watched with tears in my eyes I couldn't’t help but notice another thing that stood out to me. It appeared to be a halo. Was it her guardian angel? As I moved closer to the TV I figured it out . It was back lit frizzy pony tail from a bad over processed perm that hung right below her occipital bone. Her bangs where formed into a crisp sculpture that stood high on the front of her head. It resembled a title wave that was about to emerge with the tears flowing down her face. I looked into the TV and said “Gurl I got to do your hair.”

It was shortly after that day , all the news stations where reporting that our new Olympic champion would be moving to a new skating rink in Ct. She was going to be only a short distance away. Do I have the power of the “SECRET”? Did I will this to be? Was I actually going to be this gifted child’s coiffure?

As fate would have it, I got a call at the salon one day. The voice on the other end had a strong Russian accent that was requesting an appointment with “Jonny”. It was Oksana Baiul. The day she sat in my chair the day our friendship started. And I’ve been doing her hair ever since.

Oksana and I have been through a lot together, and have become super close. I’ve traveled the country with her doing her hair for numerous shows, shoots and commercials. And I often tell her if she wasn’t a skater she most likely would be doing hair and makeup. My nickname for her is “Product Whore.” She cant get enough of it. The down side of her passion is that sometimes she thinks she is a Hairdresser. She not afraid of change nor is she afraid of doing it herself.

This past weekend I got a voice mail from her. She sounded desperate as she begged me to caller her back. I call her worried that she has some tragic news, and tragic it was. With a quivering voice she says “John can you help me?” I ask “what’s wrong”? With hesitation in her voice she answers “John I turned my hair blue. I think I got the wrong blonde color.” I start laughing at her as I have done in the past when ever she has turned her hair a funny color. She tells me its not funny and that she has a show the next day, and doesn’t know what to do. I make the suggestion of a blue dress or something that going to match her new hair. When that failed to humor to her I give her secret formula to try to take her sapphire hair back to blonde. My concoction worked enough for her to get through the weekend.

I promised her I'm going to fix it. I will hound her the entire time with “ I told you so” all the while knowing this wont be the last time I get this same phone call. I guess it’s a good time for us to catch up seeing as we both are always busy.Yes, this ice queen will once again be blonde with no guarantee that it will remain that way for long.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello Mexico

Our far south North American brethren can’t seem to get a break these days. Over the last couple of years they have gotten pummeled by hurricanes, when they finally rebuild and make attempts to once again welcome tourist, they are then faced with a drug war, when the media attention starts to become less informative about the violence ,they have new drama, the Swine Flu. With all the media attention Mexico is getting ,it got me thinking of my last visit.

Mexico has been a vacation destination for me several times. It’s inexpensive, beautiful and in most cases easy to get to. I say "most cases" because up until my last visit, my Mexico travel always seemed like a hop, skip, and jump. I have been for work, and for fun. Direct flights to Cozumel or Cancun usually make for an easy trip. My last trip to Mexico was for work. It was a cover shoot for Hello Magazine with Geri Halliwell. Being a product of the 80's 90's I was excited to get to work with the petite lady once known as Ginger Spice.

This time I was going to a different part of Mexico. Me being geographically challenged I just assumed it would be the usual 4 to 5 hour trip. I could already taste the virgin Pina Colada that always greets you at the door as you check into any Mexican resort. After taking a glance at my travel schedule I realized that the taste of coconut and pineapple would not be quenching my thirst any time soon. I first landed in Houston and had a 5 hour layover there that seemed like forever. Finally at some point late afternoon I touched ground in Puerto Vallarta . I was so happy to finally get off the plane and feel the warm humid air and the smell of salt water.

I collected my luggage and made my way to the airport exit. I did not know exactly where I was going, or what I was supposed to be doing. I just followed the herd that seemed to have the same urgency as I did. I noticed a bright pink card with my name on it waving through a crowd of on lookers. I make my way over to person holding my name and he starts instructing me in Spanish. I looked at him and tilt my head, like a puppy that heard a high pitched sound. I do not understand a word he said. I decided it would be easier to just follow him. He walks over to a little airport cafe and sitting there is the rest of the crew. In this crowd is my very good friend Billy B. He is doing the makeup and is the one who referred me to do the hair on this job.

We board a white van and I'm trilled to be arriving at this exclusive resort that I looked up on Goggle before my departure. Billy has made this trip before and suggest to the driver to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up snacks. I ask how long before we get to this tropical paradise and I'm told it’s a 3 hour drive. Ughhhhhh. It didn't help that we found ourselves in a traffic jam due to the fact that we where following a pickup truck filled with natives dressed in white tank tops and bright orange gym shorts. In front of this truck was a girl dressed in the same theme running with what looked like the Olympic torch. I'm thinking to myself "how the hell are they going to get that to China?" During our long ,long ,long drive Billy is warning us with stories from his last visit. 'The last time I was here I was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider and had to have my ass drained".

We arrive to the resort in total darkness and I'm already itching with the thought of a spider bite. I get into my room and pull down the sheets looking for any critters that might contribute in the possibility of me having to have my ass drained. I notice a fact sheet on one of the tables and there is a picture of some fierce looking animal on it that looks like something between a anteater and a raccoon, it is standing on its hind legs with the caption underneath it that says "Do Not Feed Me" I was OK with that request. I try to sleep with one eye open not knowing what might enter my room or my bed without permission.

I wake up bright and early and head over to Geri's suite that is right across a tiled hallway. We are all half asleep and with Billy's arrival we start the process of turning Geri into a bronze beach goddess. We fight the humidity trying to keep the hair curled and the makeup on her face. It’s not long before she is ready for her close up. Her post Bluebell body was looking amazing as she tried on one swimsuit after another. She finalizes her wardrobe and we begin 2 days of shooting.

Although there where a few bumps in getting to my final destination, the trip itself was amazing. I got to shoot with a the great photographer Richard McClaren, work with one of my best friends Billy B and play in the tresses of one of the nicest pop stars of our time Geri Halliwell. Here are a couple of the pictures from our Mexican excursion. Trust me it was as hot outside as she looks in these pictures.
Geri and her beautiful dauther Bluebell.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I recently did a series of makeup videos for the web site Modelina and Maybelline New York. This is the first of 5 videos showing the hottest looks shown on the fall 2009 NYC runways. Check out both websites for updates. Enjoy the look and get your "Liner On".

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All things Tacky at IBS, including my entry.

Its Tuesday and I have the day off. The International Beauty Show is at the Javits Center and I need to do a little professional shopping, so I decided to take a walk.

I was determined not to pay to get into the show. So me being the cheapskate that I am, I went scrabbling through all of my saved credentials from all the shows and events that I've attended in the past. I knew I held on to this cluster of knotted cords and tangled plastic badges for something. And what do I find? A IBS badge from about 3 or 4 yrs ago. BINGO,SCORE,Awesome. I'll give it a try.

I arrive at the Javits center and take notice of other attendees badges that look nothing like the one that I have so confidently pinned on my belt loop. I figured I would cover my fraudulent credential with my shirt ,find the oldest person at the entry check point and try the look busy and give a quick flash as I walked in .

I start my investigation and found my lady. She is a older black woman with short silver hair.Its styled to the nines like she was a model for one of the vendors. This was my girl. I make a b line to her and I pretend that I'm on my phone. I give her a big smile and slightly lift my shirt exposing only the bottom half of my plastic badge. I enter with all the confidence in the world. My first foot passes the velvet rope and I hear "Oh - wait - a - minute, Whats that?" I reply with "What my Badge?" She says " Let me see that. I ain't never seen a badge like that before". I'm thinking if you worked here 3 or 4 yrs ago you would have. She read the badge a couple of times with a puzzled look on her face ,but gives in when she reads the word "educator". She said "Oh your a educator, well I guess your OK"... Whew! I'm in.

I make my way through the isles looking for the items on my check list. Each isle was crowed with people looking to spend their money on colored hair extensions, glitter and cheap jewelry. I fight my way through the masses and notice the excitement in faces of the students who are so impressed with all things Tacky. I have a flash back of being just impressed with the over the top hair creations and endless rows of cheap useless products when I was first introduced to IBS many yrs ago. I had a constant feeling of de ja vue as each isle seem to look just like the last. Booths of scissors, extensions, capes, brazilain hair straitners and blowdryes seem to repeat themselves every 50 feet.

I get a call from my friend Rita who I went to hair school with and now is a teacher at the school we attended.She said "I'm here in NYC at the show, are you here?" I said "yes". I proceed to meet her in the food court. We walk around for a bit and I mention to her that I need a haircut. She said "Oh lets go to my friend, she is cutting hair at some clipper booth." She walks me over to this booth and the "Friend" sits me on stage and tells her audience whats she is about to do with my hair . I gave her free reign . My only request was that I want a cool and fashionable haircut. The buzzer glides over my head a few times and she is spinning me on her cutting stool enough to make me just dizzy enough not to care what she is doing. She makes the announcement that's she is finished and I hear a couple hesitant claps from the onlookers as she brushes off my neck. I never saw what she was doing but I'm just happy to have my haircut. It has to look good right? She was on stage teaching people how to use clippers. After the motion sickness from the spinning chair settles I search for a mirror, unfortunately for me I found one. It looks like what my boyfriend Rich describes as a "Major Dad Haircut" Its kinda like a bad military haircut and a flattop but somehow being neither. She cut my sideburns into these two things that resemble spikes on the side of my head, and I honestly haven't even try to see the back of my head yet. I'm thinking this was Karma for scamming my entry into this show.

I was able to get all the things on my shopping list. During my shopping I came across a few things that made me smile and thought I would share them with you. a sun visor with fake Don King hair attached.who needs highlights when you can use tinsle?