Thursday, April 23, 2009

A little bit of Lipstick

8am on the any NYC subway is usually pretty packed. People are standing shoulder to shoulder fighting for a standing room only spot. Most are plunged into Ipods,lip syncing their favorite songs. Some are reading the free paper that is handed out as your make your way to the bottom of the entrance , and some are breathing through the stench coming from the homeless person who been riding the same train in the same spot for hours and hours.

One morning this week I was doing my daily subway people watching through my dark sun glasses. I noticed a older woman. She sat there staring into space clutching a purse tightly on her lap. Her hair was fine and over processed and was slightly frizzy ,due to the lack of product. Her face was weathered and pale and she looked like she was upset she didn't get her morning coffee.

I found myself staring at her , staring at nothing. I was feeling safe that my dark glasses where keeping me a under cover voyeur.At one point she seem to look right past my sun protection and look right into my eyes. I quickly pretended to be reading a safety warning that was hanging behind her head , asking riders not to try to ride the top of the train.

This lady soon began to frantically search the purse she clutched on her lap. Was she going to squirt me with pepper spray? Was she going to pull out a middle finger? You never know in NYC.

I noticed a scratched silver tube in her hand. She took off the cap to expose a very worn scarlet red lipstick. With one smooth circular motion she was able to perfectly cover her thin lips with out even using a mirror.

Her face no longer had that blank stare. It now had a look of confidence and determination. I was amazed at what a little bit lipstick did for this woman.
Her hand dug back in to her bag several times, each time revealing a new splash of color she applied to her canvas. She added concealer after every step of her paint by numbers routine. "eye liner, concealer,mascara,concealer, blush ,concealer." The last step was my favorite. From her bag of tricks came a eyeshadow duo complete with 2 sponge tip applicators. With two arched swipes her makeover was complete. She finished just in time for her final destination. She put the last of her beauty secrets back in her bag and used her fingers to fluff her fragile hair as she left the train.
I saw a complete transformation in a matter of minutes. Never again should you use the excuse "I don't have time to do my makeup in the morning." Because all it takes is "A Little Bit Of Lipstick"


  1. What a great story. I enjoyed it and it's humor as well. Had no idea you were creative with words as you are with makeup. I'm impressed. You are GREAT!

  2. I agree. I NEVER leave home without my lipstick. Even if I am just going to the local laundromat I put it on. I feel naked without it.

  3. That is so me, I do it everywhere too, make-up that is :-p. At least I used to all the time untill I read somewhere that Marylin Monroe said she'd never do it in public in front of men. Hmmmmmm food for thought...