Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's in my kit?

People always want to know what I use for products, extensions, and tools. In this installment of “Hair’ssss Johnny”. I’m going to divulge some of my secret weapons. I don’t need any disgruntle hairstylist contacting me saying “I used the hairspray that you said you use, and it didn’t work for me” Please remember it’s not the tools or products, but it’s how you use them.

Product List: Here are some of my favorite hair products that I turn to get the job done. Some are expensive pro brands and others you can get at a drug store.

For Volume: Phyto Volume Actif, Profound Beauty Volume Spray, Tresseme 24 hour Body Root Lift, and Garnier XXL Volume.

Hair Spray: Kerastase Double Force, Goldwell Big Finish, Orlando Pita for T3 Control Spray.

Pomades and other stuff: Moroccan Oil, Mazani Curl Wax, T3 Hair Polish, Phyto Shine Cream, Karastase smoothing serum. Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech, Kiwi Manipulating Wax, Tresseme Frizz Cream.

Tool List: What I use for heat tools.

Dryer: T3 Evolution Flat Iron: T3 Wet to Dry

Curling Irons: I mainly use Hot Tools Marcel Irons in every size

Wave Iron: R-Session Tools double barrel iron

Hot Rollers: Conair Velvet hot rollers.

For Brushes: I have an assortment of round brushes in both boar bristle and metal core. I also like comb-out brushes and bone rat tail combs.

Hair : I have more wigs and hair then anyone would ever need. I have long, short, light and dark.In most cases I use clip in hair extension for advertising or catalogue shoots. I found that I can get away using the colors: 2, 4, 27, 4/30, 27/613 on almost everyone. If the color is not a perfect match it tends to give the natural hair more dimension.

And last but not least I have an array of hair pins, bobby pins, and elastics.My kit consist of a 26inch suitcase that holds everything perfect.

The list can go on and on, but I figured I would give someone just starting out the basics to get them going. As you grow as a stylist your kit will grow with you. Remember buying the best and most expensive products and tools are not going to magically make you a better hairdresser. I love to go into a CVS and buy new products that don’t cost a million bucks. Have fun and don’t be afraid of experimenting .