Thursday, April 9, 2009

April's Russian Tatler

Seems like April is a good month for me so far. Not only because its my birthday month.(yes 29 again)But also because I have 3 Editorials that came out this month.
The funny thing about this story is we Traveled from NYC to Turks & Cacaos to shoot it and it ended up running in Russian .
We shot a couple of different stories for different publications down there at the same time. This story was actually a add on because we had a little free time on our hands , rather then do something insane like lay relax on one of the most beautiful beaches on earth we said "Oh what the heck. Lets work. " The photographers Tiffany Walling McGarity & John McGarity wanted to so something a little more fun and creative. So we talked about it a bit and decided to do a beauty accessory story. The look we agreed to do was something more sculptural and fun. Me thinking that it was going to be really close cropped beauty story ,I decided to paint her face gold and only parts of her body that I thought would show. Well things changed, because when we got onset they started shooting full length. ughhhh. That's the beauty of this business, you always have to be prepared. Lucky for me I had just barely enough product to paint her entire body. I used MAC Minerlized Skin Finish in Gold Deposit. I slicked her hair with gel into that Dairy Queen looking knot. Even thought this story was a after thought , it was my favorite thing we shot. The Model is Mayra Suarez from Elite. And styled by Zoe Shana Engelberg.


  1. This is flawless and stunning. I'm so jealous of your job. :)

    If I may ask, what did you use on her lips?

  2. solo puedo decir que es hermosa esta mujer.