Monday, April 13, 2009

Me Test ?

Sometimes I hear from fellow artists." I don't test anymore". I'm not sure why. Is it because they feel like they are at a point in their career where they don't need to? Is it because they feel like testing in for newbies? Maybe someone can leave a comment and tell me why some feel this way.

I love to test because it give me the opportunity to experiment with new things,it gives me a chance to build new relationships with new photographers, and it helps keep your portfolio fresh. When your busy with jobs that aren't editorial, your book can become dated very fast. This is why is so important to test.

My agent suggested that I do a test with this amazing photographer she knows. His name is Timothy Hogan. His work is quite amazing so i was excited to work with him. We both wanted and needed really strong beautiful hair shots that look like a hair product campaign. My model Bruna, had long beautiful long hair so I knew this was going to be easy. I first blew her hair out for first look. He wanted something smooth and shiny. Sounds simple doesn't it? I thought so . I took Bruna to the set and we layed her down. Timothy took a test shot and the hair just looked flat. So I started to think of ways to make the hair look more dimensional. I decided to actually put something under the hair to make it have that ripple effect.It was looking much better in the next test shot. Timothy then said something to me that almost put me in a sweat. He said " We cant have any cross over hairs" That was something i never even considered . It also told me that Timothy was a perfectionist and I knew these pictures where going to be amazing. It seemed like it took for ever but I lightly went over strand by strand to do the best job I could in getting rid of any "cross over hairs" The next look was something with more curl so I just curled it all with a iron brushed it all to one side and that was it. A whole day for 2 looks .

This test produced these 2 images , and these pictures have gotten me more attention and opened more doors then any other pictures in my book. And that's why I still test. You never just know .


  1. I really admire your positive attitude and cant wait to read more of your entries!

  2. Stunning Seriously! Of course I still test but it's great to hear more seasoned artists still mentioning the importance of a good test sometimes.