Monday, April 13, 2009

Bunnies and Birthday Cake

Every so often my birthday ends up being on Easter Sunday. I wanted to thank everyone for the very kind birthday wishes I got yesterday.

Its amazing how those milestone birthdays seem to take forever to come. 13,16,18,21. But they soon fly by quicker then anyone would want. I've already reached the lower car insurance age. I guess the next milestone for me in the A.A.R.P card and parking space closest to the mall.

I spent my birthday eating lots and lots of cake .1St My employees got me my favorite birthday cake on sat. Its called a Brown Derby. It is choc.cake with whipped cream ,strawberries and bananas between each layer. so good. 2nd On Sunday my brother Felipe and his wife Rhonda brought me a cake as well. 3rd And my boyfriend Rich also got me a cake. I had my birthday meal at P.F Chang's with my Mom, Rich ,and a friend Pedro. It was quite ,but nice and tasty. Oh and i got a free dessert there too. So 3 cakes and a free dessert,can you say CARDIO?

I thought I would share pictures that seem like they where taken just yesterday. The one with the hat was also on Easter Sunday a long time ago.

Thanks again.


  1. I'm about to drive to NYC at this very moment to pinch your cheeks, then come back to Maryland! How ADORABLE!

  2. you are right, it does seem just like yesterday that this was taken. You are so darn cute. (still are!)

  3. so adorable...big around eyes :)