Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Makeup Show NYC 2009

I know I am a bit tardy with this blog but it’s for good reason.

Saturday night before the first day of The Makeup Show NYC, I was feeling a bit under the weather. I chalked it up to allergies seeing as it is that time of the year. Sunday came and I didn’t feel much better. Because I forgotten my allergy meds ,I assumed my fix would soon be in my system once I reached my NYC dwelling. I arrived the city and realize that my Claritin where nowhere to be found. I decided to tough it out for Monday . Monday morning arrived and in a sleep deprived daze I make my way to the Metropolitan Pavilion, the Makeup Show NYC‘s venue. I was scheduled to do a makeup workshop and was hoping I could pull it together.

As I checked into the front desk and picked up my (valid) name tag, I notice the place was already buzzing with excitement. It was couldn't’t wait to make the rounds and see what products I didn’t have, and to greet all my friends at the booths of the products I use and love.

One of the first people I see is Eve Pearl. She comes over to interview me on camera for her Youtube site. It’s a good thing too because now there is documented proof of my illness. Eve is a wonderful person and a talented makeup artist. She has won 5 Emmys for her skills and will let anyone who asks ,take a picture with one. She has her own product line and a beautiful store here in NYC, and is the author of the book”Plastic Surgery Without The Surgery”. She is one busy woman. .

My next stop is to see Debbie Bondar at Face Atelier. There are a few things I cannot go without in my kit and those are, Face Atelier foundation, Peach Glaze Blush and Face Finish. Making a stop at her booth is a must so I can stock up. Debbie has always been so generous to me and her products have become a staple in most of the kits of the makeup artist I know.

Every few steps, I run into people that I know and some that I don’t. I’m asked if it’s OK to have my picture taken with them and I with hesitation agree. Not because I’m a diva but because I looked and feel like crap due to the illness that has consuming my body for the last few days. Who wants to pictures all over the Internet looking a hot mess? Not me. Sure enough those unflattering pictures made it into cyberspace and FACEBOOK. Thanks guys . It’s great to meet the people behind the blogs that mention my name from time to time. So now it’s my turn. Shout out time. “What up Erin from Scandalous Beauty.” "Hi Dawn from Pursebuzz."

I make a pit stop at The Powder Group booth to set my kit aside and meet and greet all the new TPG interns. There I run into Yvette aka GirlcanPaint from Youtube. She had once asked me to give her a makeover. I setup my kit at the booth sit Yvette in a chair and decided to use my 9x9 collection that was displayed and for sale. As I transformed her eyes into what started to resemble a peacock feather I noticed that my workshop was in 15 min. So I quickly packed up and made my way to my classroom.

The room was filled to capacity with eager makeup artists wanting to watch me demonstrate the dos and don’ts of Bridal and Special event makeup. No matter how many times I teach this natural bridal makeup demo , the students always end up doing a Smokey eye during thier hands-on workshop. So I figured I might as well give them what they want and do my version of a wearable Smokey eye. They all seemed pleased and my hopes are they took something home with them that they can use. As the class ended so did my immune system.

I had a few minutes at the end of the day to make a quick run around. To some of my other favorites like: Makeup Forever, YoungBlood, Kissable Couture, OCC , MAC and Smashbox.

The show was so amazing. Its growth each year is a testament of our industry. In a time of economic hardship the attendance was the largest to date. The energy level was at an all time high and you could barely get people to leave. Many of the vendors I talk to sold out of merchandise and confessed that they had record breaking sales. The reviews are in from many of the Youtube makeup gurus and all give it a A+ . Thank you Michael Devellis and The Powder Group for bringing us together.

Even thought I was sick as a dog I was glad I could be a part of The Makeup Show. If you have never been to The Makeup Show I suggest you mark it on your calendar for next year. You should also check out the website to see if there is one comming close to you.

I'm still recovering from what ever I had and that’s my excuse for the lag in blog posts. Please check out all the links in this post to check out the sites of the people and products that I love.


  1. Love the post! It was so great to meet you, your a doll:)

  2. You give the most insightful posts I swear! It was great seeing you again. And damn..women were breaking into sweats just looking at you!!! Yum yum!